Temperature Monitoring and ThermalSnakes®

Why Monitor Temperature?

Hydrocarbons contain a relatively large amount of potential energy due to the presence of multiple carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen bonds. In the subsurface at hydrocarbon remediation sites, a portion of this energy is released as heat when hydrocarbon bonds are broken by chemical oxidation reactions, including biodegradation.

That heat warms soil and, if present, groundwater, then migrates by conduction and advection. Where biodegradation or oxidation are more active, relatively more heat is generated. By using an array of subsurface temperature monitoring devices calibrated against a thermally inactive background location to remove seasonal and other temperature variations, the spatial presence of thermal anomalies caused by hydrocarbon destruction and their relative decay rates can be measured and plotted in 3 dimensions over time.  No water? No problem, thermal monitoring works in both the vadose and saturated zones.

EnviroSolve's ThermalSnake system is an easy-to-use, low maintenance method for thermal evaluation of natural and treatment-induced breakdown of hydrocarbons. ThermalSnakes consist of EnviroSolve's specially designed temperature sensors with connected data loggers that are deployed in existing monitoring wells to provide vertical profiles of subsurface temperatures monitored at discrete time intervals. ThermalSnake monitors are low-maintenance, compact, self-contained units, requiring no external power source (no conduit or wires), and are thus immediately useable at almost any site with an existing monitoring well network. The data is easily uploaded in the field, analyzed by EnviroSolve's experts, and presented in report-ready 3-D graphical presentations.

And new in 2016, EnviroSolve’s ThermalSnakes technology now has the ability to send temperature data in real time.  Our system can use a cellular or local WiFi broadband connection to send data to EnviroSolve’s servers where it is displayed and available for immediate analysis. Data can be transferred remotely, without technicians having to visit the site. Each dedicated ThermalSnake string can be connected using the “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology that provides access to the real time data.

Having the ability to receive data in real time, at any time, without the need for a technician visit could be advantageous for a variety of projects and applications including: long term deployment of the ThermalSnakes at geographically challenging sites, Vapor Extraction System (VES) testing and operation, In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) injections, and during remediation system start up and shakedown, pilot testing, or trouble-shooting.

The ThermalSnake system provides project managers with a robust, visual understanding of their site’s biodegradation activity…both qualitatively and quantitatively. In a short period of time, and in real time when the probes are connected via our IoT technology, the project manager will know where biodegration is occurring, where it may need to be enhanced, and where it has been effective. The ThermalSnake system can also be used as a cost effective means of monitoring the long-term effects of natural attenuation either in place of quarterly groundwater monitoring, or to enhance groundwater monitoring data.

Temperature data collected through our innovative ThermalSnake system provides invaluable information for more cost effective management of contaminated properties, including:  monitoring natural attenuation, assessing site closure readiness, monitoring efficacy of remediation, and understanding transport of contaminants to assess the impact of plume migration.

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Our ThermalSnake® system is currently patent pending.

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