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EH&S Management Software

EnviroSolve is skilled in the developing of custom software applications tailored to our clients' specific environmental information management needs. Our programmers have many years of experience managing environmental health and safety data. Our unique experience as both developers and users of environmental information management systems enables us to develop software solutions that are intuitive to use, greatly reducing our clients' training expenses. EnviroSolve's custom environmental management software solutions can be stand alone, client-server, or web-based, depending upon the client's needs. Out programs include:

JSABuilder ( is a web-based, multi-user service for the creation and management of Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) documents that meet OSHA requirements for hazard identification, communication and management. This system, which is robust and customizable enough to fit nearly any type of task or industry, was designed to help our clients meet safety performance objectives and avoid on-the-job injuries. The software was built internally by HASP Online in partnership with Safety Unlimited. The program is currently serving over 1,600 clients who have created more than 30,000 JSAs for their businesses. EnviroSolve’s JSABuilder support team provides web-based training programs as well as in-house training in the development and use of the JSA, and the use of the web-site and its features.

HASP Online ( is a web-based service for the creation and management of site-specific HAZWOPER health and safety plans. Users are prompted through a series of questions which, upon completion, produce a complete PDF HASP available to download as a PDF document. This software was built internally by HASP Online and its partner, Safety Unlimited, and is maintained internally by EnviroSolve’s IT support team.

WasteTrak ( is a web-based service for the management of waste facility data. WasteTrak is used to compile, manage and tracks thousands of environmental audit reports and other documents pertaining to hundreds of waste facilities across the globe. and thousands of audit reports for a major oil company clients. The data is stored in an easy-to-access and use database that provides oOur clients with vetted operational, financial and safety information about the waste sites allowing them tothen uses this trusted data to make important, informed decisions on where best to dispose of their waste.

ENFOS ( is a business management solution for companies faced with the difficult task of managing environmental remediation, reclamation, and asset retirement obligations (ARO). HASP Online did not build this software, but rather assisted in the management of its development, deployment, and improvement

Database Development and Management

EnviroSolve recognizes that companies are faced with enormous volumes of information along with ever-increasing regulatory requirements. To assist our clients in handling the scope of environmental management, we provide cutting-edge decision management support tools. EnviroSolve develops custom applications using non-proprietary platforms including Microsoft Access and SQL Server. This allows clients to have much more flexibility in the management of their data into the future without the concern of being locked into a proprietary format. EnviroSolve has many years of experience managing laboratory Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs), data acquisition from remote telemetry systems, and interfacing with heterogeneous data sources.

EnviroSolve has the unique ability to review, evaluate and provide QA/QC oversight of large compilations of environmental data points including soil, groundwater, soil gas and ambient air data. Once reviewed, properly categorized and scrubbed, EnviroSolve can create various graphical user interfaces using Microsoft Access allowing the end user to sort then select the type of output needed such as routine monitoring reports, data summary tables and groundwater and soil gas contour maps. The databases can be tailored to allow the user to import historic data and add in new field and analytical data while maintaining the integrity of the database and the output (reporting) features.

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