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Portfolio and Project Management

EnviroSolve EH&S managers have successfully managed large and small portfolios of properties that are being transitioned from initial baseline environmental assessment through active remediation and finally to closure. Portfolio management requires a unique skill set that includes an understanding of the client’s overall project and budget goals and objectives, a thorough understanding of all aspects of environmental project management, and the ability to interpret and apply a myriad of environmental regulations. Key senior staff has, and are currently, operating as contract project managers on large scale cleanup projects at two mine sites in Nevada. We provide these capabilities to our clients:

  • Extensive project management experience including scoping, budgeting, scheduling, forecasting, and estimating liability reserves;
  • Oversight and management of environmental consultants and subcontractors, including subcontractor budget management;
  • Interpretation, evaluation and oversight of regulatory compliance;
  • Development of long-term site management (and cleanup) goals, strategies, and benchmarks.
  • Overall project QA/QC and assessment of adherence to established requirements and achievement of milestones.
  • Interface with client representatives, attorneys and regulatory agencies to ensure strategies are consistent with contractual and regulatory requirements.

EH&S Support and Training

EnviroSolve EH&S professionals are experienced in providing a wide variety of EH&S support activities to our clients. We have provided these services on a project-by-project basis but have also been hired as contract personnel to work within the client’s organization. Members of EnviroSolve’s staff have worked exclusively for a large oil company for several years providing EH&S support on an “as needed” basis as well as on a scope-specific basis. Our services include:

  • Development of new EH&S tools and training among client and contractor personnel.
  • Development of multi-media EH&S video presentations for large job sites and major office complexes.
  • Integration of HSE programs, plans and procedures across several facilities within the client company.
  • Creative development, research and composition of monthly EH&S communications facilitating information exchange between client personnel, contractors and sub-contractors.

EnviroSolve also provides EH&S training from areas as diverse as office and laboratory safety to OSHA-required safety training. Objective-based training assures success in achieving HSE training goals. Knowledgeable EnviroSolve trainers make sessions enjoyable as well as valuable. We also assist in developing and implementing training programs to assure compliance with EH&S requirements and the utilization of various sampling techniques.

Financial Management

EnviroSolve personnel have experience in the management of nation-wide financial systems and services. Our services include support of internal financial systems, including data collection from consultants, data input to internal systems, spend tracking, financial analysis, and reserve forecasting. Experience includes internal and external training on these financial systems, user support, and the development of custom reports to match business needs.

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