Successful Results

Long-Term Relationships

Recognizing our success in helping them meet their goals, our clients continue to award us with additional projects and greater responsibility. Approximately 95% of EnviroSolve´s new projects result from existing clients, which includes long-term relationships with:

  • BP/ARCO (operations/site locations in 30 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Germany) - 18 years
  • Boeing – Santa Suzanna Field Lab (SSFL) – 13 years
  • Former Vowles Foods Facility, El Cajon, CA - 18 years
  • Fairchild - 16 years
  • Alcoa Fastening Systems, City of Industry, and Fullerton, CA - 11 years

We also have a 10 year contract with a major Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) for the clean-up of a former mine site in Nevada. Our role during the 10 year agreement is to be the Consent Decree Administrator.

We are proud of this vote of confidence and to be a part of our clients´ ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and the health and safety of their employees, contractors, and the public.

Awards & Recognition

EnviroSolve has received commendation by the BP Helios Awards Program in 2006 and 2009 for two of our collaborations with BP WasteTrak and CSI (Continuous Safety Improvement). WasteTrak, part of the 2006 entry, "Advancing and Influencing Responsible Waste Management Care," is an industrial waste liability management tool that provides central storage and internal sharing/retrieval of waste site audit information. CSI: Continuous Safety Improvement is the title of the 2009 entry featuring the Yerington mine site HSSE Orientation video.

Patents & Trademarks

EnviroSolve has developed and patented several innovative Low-Grade Heat Evaporation (LGHE) technologies. LGHE is a cost-effective and energy-efficient process to evaporate water from brine and other concentrated liquid wastes using waste heat. Where an appropriate source of low-grade heat is available, brine disposal costs using this process are far less than any competing evaporation process.

Due to its uniqueness, our WasteTrak website has also been recognized with Trademark registration status by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

EnviroSolve’s latest technical offering, ThermalSnake® temperature monitoring probes has also been recognized with Trademark registration status.

Innovative Safety Tools

EnviroSolve has successfully developed innovative web-based H&S tools including HASP Online, used to create HAZWOPER Health and Safety Plans (HASP Online); JSABuilder, an innovative web application for creating job safety analyses and Activity Hazard Analyses compliant with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements (EM 385-1-1); and LOTOBuilder, a new on-line tool which walks the client through development of lock-out/tag-out procedures and aides them in developing their LOTO program.. These tools, available for purchase online, allow users to easily create procedures and plans, evaluate risks and hazards, and implement controls to ensure workers are protected from injury and illness. Measures of our success include:

  • Our HASP Online users have created more than 350 Site Specific Health and Safety plans, and in doing so, have protected their site workers from injury and illness.
  • To date our JSABuilder users have created over 30,000 JSAs, protecting the safety and health of countless workers.
  • Since its launch in 2014, 320 clients have created over 975 new LOTO procedures user LOTOBuilder.

During the first quarter of 2014, EnviroSolve will launch of a new web-based tool for creating and managing lock-out/tag-out programs called LOTOBuilder.

Achieving Closure

In the course of managing our portfolios for BP, between 2007 and 2009 EnviroSolve´s two portfolio managers achieved "no further action" (NFA) determinations for 16 retail service station sites under remediation. This represents 15% of the 110 sites achieving NFA determination managed by BP in the Western U.S. In 2015, EnviroSolve obtained closure at a 20-year, recalcitrant UST site overseen by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (SDRWQCB). The closure request relied on data obtained using EnviroSolve’s innovative ThermalSnake® temperature monitoring technology. The ThermalSnakes® had been deployed in both groundwater and vadose zone monitoring wells providing the SDRWQCB with temperature data which showed that natural attenuation was occurring and would continue to occur over time. The wells were removed during the 4th quarter of 2015, and the property was recently sold.
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