Project Profiles

Contaminated Site Solutions

Enhanced Closure Strategies: Geochemistry and Thermal Monitoring Technology, Confidential Client, Various US Sites

In conjunction with management of a large portfolio of sites, EnviroSolve developed geochemical and thermal monitoring technologies to support regulatory case closure of dozens of active remediation sites. Historic remediation data, including groundwater and soil gas data, were evaluated by EnviroSolve’s senior hydrogeologist to determine which sites could be moved from active remediation into monitored natural attenuation (MNA), which sites would benefit from focused remedial efforts, and the expected length of time for both outcomes. Initially, each site was evaluated based on its geochemical characteristics including concentrations of sulfates, nitrates, CO2, O2, iron, and methane. Subsequently, each site was evaluated based on thermal monitoring data. Independently, each data set provided information pertaining to the presence and effect of naturally occurring biodegradation. By mapping the geochemical variations as well as the thermal anomalies, our staff could identify where bioactivity was occurring, and where it wasn’t and hence, which wells would benefit from additional oxygenation via air-sparging, groundwater amendments, or through installation of additional vapor extraction wells. The data allowed EnviroSolve to make site-specific recommendations, and in many cases, recommend preparation of a closure request relying solely on MNA.

Forensic Evaluation and Statistical Analysis: Confidential Client

EnviroSolve was hired to conduct a forensic evaluation of groundwater data to aid a major company in determining their financial responsibility for the cleanup of an impacted groundwater plume. The specific data set reviewed covered a two year period during which time over 4,000 samples were retrieved. The data evaluation included all of the chemical analytes reported during the subject time period. Following data compilation and review, EnviroSolve utilized an advanced statistical method involving cluster and discriminant analysis. The results could then be used to associate samples with ownership. In addition to the groundwater data, EnviroSolve was also able to show the negative effects on the site groundwater from the inflow of mineralized run-off from irrigation and farming activities, as well as the influence of other surface water. EnviroSolve also showed where naturally existing mineralization was impacting the groundwater.

Forensic Evaluation and Statistical Analysis: Confidential Client

On behalf of a major company, EnviroSolve was retained to evaluate over 2,000 soil analytical data points spread over a 25 year period - to help apportion financial responsibility for clean-up . EnviroSolve identified 12 metals that were used as key indicators throughout the evaluation. Data were evaluated using a combination of cluster and discriminant analyses. The results were then presented in a 3D display identifying which data points could be associated with which source (and which PRP), where possible. In addition to the soil data, the background data group, and other contributing factors and sources were plotted (including steel slag that had brought in and used historically as fill).

Forensic Evaluation and Site Closure Strategy, Confidential Client

EnviroSolve was retained to assist in a site assessment and remediation that initially appeared to be in response to a minor UST leak. Assessment results showed that the release area was much larger than expected with an extensive free-product plume floating on the groundwater. Although free product recovery was immediately started, it soon became evident that the volume of product recovered was much greater than what could have been released at the site. Samples of the product were forensically speciated and found to be - a product never dispensed at the site. Subsequent investigations identified pipelines beneath the adjacent street including one that had been operated on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. Entities involved with operation of the identified pipelines declined to get involved with the project. Based on these findings, the client requested regulatory closure, which was initially denied. The closure strategy developed by EnviroSolve directed that all historic and current data be included in a comprehensive report that presented detailed analyses of the data demonstrating that the soil plume associated with the minor onsite release of gasoline never encountered the water table and that there was a 3- to 5-foot separation between the jet fuel and gasoline plumes. Based on the presentation, the client was able to pursue regulatory closure.

Free Product Remediation, In-situ Treatment, Major Company

A gasoline release that occurred over a number of years resulted in a large plume of free product. Even with soil excavation, extensive contamination remained in the vadose zone above the groundwater. Pneumatic skimmer pumps were placed in several wells to recover free product and minimize the amount of water needing treatment. The free product removal effort was successful; but the tight soils were still highly contaminated. Testing showed that chemical oxidation followed by biological treatment was the appropriate remedial approach, especially given the very stringent cleanup requirements set by the agencies. Injection wells were used to introduce a hydrogen peroxide solution into the soils. Natural iron in the soil acted as the needed catalyst. By filling the well casing automatically and allowing the solution to permeate into the silts over time, the stoichiometric amount of oxidant required could be injected at a very low cost. Once concentrations were significantly reduced, a more dilute solution was applied with a nutrient supplement. Naturally occurring bacteria completed the degradation process started by chemical oxidation. The breakdown byproducts of chemical oxidation are smaller hydrocarbon compounds which are a more readily available food source for bacteria. The concentration of petroleum hydrocarbons have been reduced to below regulatory levels and the site has been granted closure.

Remediation and Site Closure, Revere Copper & Brass, Industry, California

Following the expenditure of millions of dollars and several years, the owner of a former metal finishing facility retained EnviroSolve to complete site remediation and obtain a “No Further Action (NFA)” letter from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) so that site could be sold for other commercial uses. Site buildings had been demolished and known aboveground environmental problems remediated. EnviroSolve supervised site work including on-site sampling and testing to determine the location and extent of chlorinated solvent and Stoddard solvent residuals, designed and prepared cost estimates of on-site soil treatment processes, and estimated costs for excavation and treatment of soils. EnviroSolve supervised the complete demolition and removal of five acres of concrete floor slabs, remediation of underlying soils, and the work of several environmental contractors and consultants. EnviroSolve participated in negotiations with regulatory agencies and provided the final facility closure and remediation support services that resulted in the sale of the property.

Phase I and II Site Assessments, Petroleum, Industrial and Real Estate Clients, Various Areas

Senior staff with EnviroSolve has managed and conducted hundreds of site assessments at locations throughout the U.S. Assessments have been conducted as part of property transactions and/or refinancing and as part of ongoing, agency-driven assessments and/or remediation projects. The work typically involves the collection of Phase I information and/or collection of Phase II data – e.g., analytical results from soil, groundwater and soil vapor samples, and installation and maintenance of a network of monitoring and remediation wells. Clients include major oil companies, banks and financial institutions, real estate management companies, industrial and manufacturing entities, and regulatory agencies. Our team provides all aspects of project work including permitting, subcontractor oversight, agency communications, data analysis, report writing, equipment O&M, and on-going environmental compliance.

Oil Field Assessment Services, California

Challenging geology required the design of unique approaches, including sonic drilling, to sampling soil and groundwater to complete an environmental assessment of a former oil field service company property. The seven acre property had two Leaking Underground Fuel Tank concerns and eight additional areas requiring investigation. With the site assessment complete, a risk assessment was prepared to help select the best remedial alternatives for each area of investigation. Remedial strategies included soil vapor extraction, excavation, and monitored natural attenuation.

EH&S Program Management

Project Management - Risk Decision Model and Closure Readiness Evaluation and Categorization, Major Oil Company, US Wide

Based on a risk decision model developed by EnviroSolve, environmental data was evaluated from more than 700 remediation sites across the US to categorize them against closure readiness criteria. Consultants provided historic and current groundwater data to EnviroSolve including concentrations of total petroleum hydrocarbons, fuel oxygenates (including MTBE), and BTEX compounds, as well as groundwater elevation data over the length of each project. Data was fed into an Access database from which a trend analysis was performed on each well at each site. Subsequently, the data was used to generate 3D analyses for each site estimating total contaminant mass and changes in that mass over time. Using Surfer, a 3D modelling and contouring software application, EnviroSolve was able to generate plume area maps and could then track the area changes and determine the movement of the center of the plume. Once the data had been fully analyzed, EnviroSolve provided a ranking for each site, a plume map for each site, and a summary of why the program assigned the ranking that it did. Sites were categorized as 1) ready for closure, 2) closure ready with the exception of one well, 3) having good trends but with concentrations above closure levels, or 4) high or increasing concentrations indicating that remediation was warranted. The client was able to make decisions about where to focus staff and financial resources to garner the most site closures.

Portfolio Management: Site Conceptual Model Evaluation, Major Oil Company, Various Locations

In support of EnviroSolve’s portfolio management responsibilities, staff evaluated dozens of Site Conceptual Models (SCMs) prepared by other environmental consultants. The SCMs were reviewed to determine whether they provided sufficient and correct environmental data and documentation to either allow the client to make good decisions about remediation or if a reasonable argument for closure could be made to the regulators. In one case, for example, regulators were pushing for installation of a soil vapor extraction system and continued active remediation. The relevant SCM did not include sufficient information showing how the groundwater plume had changed over time. Natural attenuation parameters had been recorded and presented but had not been technically evaluated as a means for requesting MNA. By re-evaluating the existing data, filling in some data gaps through additional sample collection and analysis, and re-building the SCM, EnviroSolve was able to prove to the regulator that natural biodegradation was already reducing remaining contamination at a high rate and that active remediation wasn’t warranted. The client was able to achieve regulatory closure two years ago, prior to adoption of the Low Threat Closure Policy, without active remediation.

Technical Support and Project Management, Major Oil Company, Nevada

Since 2007, several senior staff members with EnviroSolve have been working as part of a major oil company’s internal management infrastructure at a large inactive mining site in Nevada. As an internal team member, our Project Manager helps the client manage their environmental consultants involved with the site. Our team is a technical resource for the client on a variety of fronts including: reviewing compliance reports, interfacing with regulators, overseeing other consultants and contactors, and providing technical input all a wide array of project implementation tasks. In this role, EnviroSolve is involved in, and has EH&S oversight on the design, installation and maintenance of various systems including electrical supply systems and fluid transfer processes. EnviroSolve has developed and works with the client and other consultants on the implementation of a site-wide Integrity Management Program. The program establishes what equipment is needed for various processes, how the equipment is to be effectively and safely operated, how the equipment is to be adequately maintained, and through a data management system, the required schedule for inspections, maintenance and if needed, procedures for de-energizing and removing equipment is administered. In addition, the program establishes over-arching H&S protocols addressing visitor and contractor safety orientation and on-going training, required PPE, and lock-out/tag-out procedures. Our team helps to ensure continued regulatory compliance for the processes and the facility as a whole. EnviroSolve is currently conducting on-going H&S audits and provides support and oversight at the facility.

Retail Portfolio Management, Major Oil Company, Western United States

EnviroSolve was retained to manage environmental liabilities, and environmental, health and safety compliance for a major oil company´s remediation management division retail portfolios. The portfolios ranged in size from a few to over a hundred retail outlet sites each and were distributed throughout CA, WA, OR, NV and AZ. Specific tasks undertaken by EnviroSolve included:

  • Contract project management of retail portfolios including management of remediation consultants and subcontractors.
  • Interaction with company management to assure that remediation strategies were implemented according to benchmarks.
  • Support of environmental project management with budgeting, forecasting and reserve estimation.
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies.
  • Assisting with industry-wide benchmarking.

Mine Site Portfolio Management, Major Oil Company, Western United States

EnviroSolve personnel have been engaged for multiple years as contract employees managing responses to environmental liabilities and health and safety performance at a major mine site remediation located in Nevada. The scope of the project includes characterization and mitigation of a large site with several operable units, under the guidance of the U.S. EPA. As recognized HSE professionals, EnviroSolve personnel actively serve as internal team members, providing external assistance within the framework of the client´s own internal organization. Specific tasks include:

  • Act as Assistant Project Manager with authority to implement and oversee work by subcontractors.
  • Assist in development and implementation of training pertaining to HSSE (health, safety, security and environment) and various sampling activities.
  • Serve as liaison to and provide regulatory interface on behalf of client.
  • Design, conduct and/or manage field studies for soil stability, bird deterrent activities and integrity management.
  • Support of environmental project management budgeting and forecasting.

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Support, Major Oil Company, Western United States

A major oil company currently retains EnviroSolve to provide HSE support within its remediation management division. EnviroSolve personnel have assisted with the development of new HSE tools and training among client and contractor personnel. Specific tasks have included:

  • Creative development and composition of monthly HSE newsletter facilitating information exchange between client´s employees, contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Development of HSE multi-media presentation for site orientation and safety training at a major mine site, including photo, video and audio components.
  • Development of visitor HSE video for a major office complex.
  • Integration of HSE programs, plans and procedures across five office complexes throughout a major metro area.
  • HSE training of hundreds of office-based workers over a three year period.

Contract Project and Technical Managers, Major Oil Company, US Wide

Over the past 16 years, several senior EnviroSolve’s staff has provided in-house technical and management support for BP/ARCO. These individuals have been given management authority over multi-million dollar project portfolios including project scoping, budget management, sub-contractor oversight, regulatory interactions and negotiations, and client liaison. In addition, other staff members have been integrated into BP’s hazardous and solid waste management and auditing programs, and into their internal IT and contractor management programs.

UST Portfolio Management and EHS Managers, Major Oil Companies, California

Several senior staff members with EnviroSolve have managed portfolios of properties containing underground storage tanks (USTs) for several major oil companies. Portfolios ranged in size from dozens of properties and to well over one hundred. Management tasks include contract and budget management, meeting client and regulatory milestones and deadlines, interfacing with subcontractors and project staff, and maintaining extensive analytical and logistical databases. In addition, several senior staff members have had assignments as EH&S managers for the same oil company. Assignments included oil & gas, retail and corporate operations, and mine development projects. In these roles, our staff provided oversight of EH&S program including permitting and compliance, and development and successful implementation of the H&S programs. Operations included field, office and research laboratory operations. .

Environmental Compliance and Auditing Support

Compliance Support: Burbank Landfill, City of Burbank, Burbank, California

As part of an on-going detection monitoring and corrective action programs, the City of Burbank required assistance with modifications to the site waste discharge requirements (WDRs) at their solid waste landfill. EnviroSolve provided communications with the LARWQCB during the modifications. Draft WDRs were reviewed and comments were provided on behalf of the client. Overall program was reduced during this process by successfully negotiating a semi-annual monitoring schedule and decreased list of monitoring parameters. As a follow-up, EnviroSolve prepared a vadose-zone monitoring plan and statistical plan for the detection monitoring and corrective action programs. EnviroSolve began the routine groundwater monitoring program at the site in 2000. Monthly groundwater level measurements and quarterly groundwater sampling continued through the WDRs modification process. After the new WDRs were adopted, EnviroSolve was able to seamlessly implement the changes to the monitoring requirements.

Compliance Support: Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring, Chiquita Canyon Landfill, Santa Clarita Valley, California

As part of the site Detection Monitoring Program, EnviroSolve completed the installation of four deep groundwater monitoring wells using an air-rotary method. Two of the wells were installed to a depth of approximately 400’ below ground surface. EnviroSolve also made recommendations to improve the site groundwater monitoring system including the installation of dedicated pumping equipment and changing the monitoring method to low-flow purge and sampling. Following implementation of the recommended modifications, EnviroSolve continued to conduct compliance monitoring at the site over a period of several years.

Compliance Support: Waste Acceptance Plan and Special Waste Reporting, Chiquita Canyon Landfill, Santa Clarita Valley, California

EnviroSolve supported the owners/operators of the Chiquita Canyon solid waste landfill in the update and modification of their Waste Acceptance Plan (WAP) as required by the LARWQCB to comply with new rules regulating the management of “special wastes.” Such wastes included soils that are impacted by pollutants listed in the WDRs (such as petroleum products), but in low enough concentrations that the soil is not a designated or hazardous waste. Following revision of the WAP, EnviroSolve compiled, reviewed and summarized the special waste receipts for the facility, and submitted routine semi-annual summary reports to the LARWQCB to meet the facility’s reporting requirements.

Permitting Off-Shore O&G Development, Major Oil Companies, California and Texas

Several senior staff members with EnviroSolve have been involved in permitting offshore oil & gas development in California and E&P operations throughout Texas. Assignments included obtaining permits for an oil & gas platform in California and a major gas plant expansion in West Texas. Staff members have also been involved with obtaining permits for numerous production facilities in Texas and retail (service station) remediation operations throughout the state of California.

EH&S Auditing, Major Oil Company, Global

EnviroSolve staff members have participated in dozens of EH&S management systems or compliance audits at refineries, gas plants, offshore E&P operations, marine terminals, tanker operations, and onshore oil & gas operations. The audit scopes vary depending on the requirements, but typically involve a thorough review of EH&S management systems, permits, safety programs, OSHA records of injuries and DAFW cases, technical operations, locational issues, and groundwater and surface water impacts (or potential impacts). When conducting audits of hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal sites, the scope includes a detailed evaluation of the waste acceptance procedures, waste handling methods, potential for fires, spills and explosions, and whether the facility is in good standing with the surrounding community. Findings are summarized in detailed reports that include color-coded numeric rankings and an overall recommendation for future use.

CUPA Compliance and Certification, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Canoga Park, California

EnviroSolve was retained by Aerojet-Rocketdyne, through their prime contractor, C.W. Driver, to evaluate and certify a new hazardous wastewater storage and treatment process affiliated with a new plating shop being constructed on the De Soto campus. Since the wastewaters generated from the two plating lines were defined as hazardous per Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section (§) 66265.192, EnviroSolve was retained to certify that the system had sufficient structural integrity, was acceptable for the transferring, storing and treating of hazardous waste, and that the tanks and containment system were suitably designed to achieve the requirements of the regulations. EnviroSolve was responsible for compiling and evaluating all of the physical, electrical and chemical data associated with the waste treatment process then developing a comprehensive certification report so that the facility could be brought on-line and be in compliance with and permitted by the Certified Unified Permitting Agency (CUPA) which is the City of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), under Permit-by-Rule.

CUPA Compliance and Certification, Alcoa Fastening Systems, City of Industry and Fullerton, California

EnviroSolve was hired by ALCOA Fastening Systems (AFS) to update the CUPA certification documents for their City of Industry and Fullerton operations. The certifications required a detailed site inspection followed by facility interviews and document reviews. The reports were updated and the re-certified. At the Fullerton facility, EnviroSolve noted structural integrity concerns with several of the 30-year old tanks and made recommendations to AFS to upgrade the systems. EnviroSolve worked with AFS to develop a bid specification to obtain competitive bids for the tank replacement work. The tank contractor was selected and the replacement work is to occur during the first quarter of 2014.

Initial Study of Environmental Issues, Real Estate Developer, Malibu, California

As part of the planning and permitting for a proposed development located in the Santa Monica Mountains, EnviroSolve was hired to conduct an Initial Study (IS) to assess the environmental effects of the planned development which included further improvements to the fire access road, further development of vineyards, construction of three agricultural buildings to support vineyard operations, and construction of two single family dwellings. The (IS) was conducted by EnviroSolve to determine whether a complete EIR would be required for the planned project, or conversely, if a Negative Declaration might be appropriate. The work was conducted to be in compliance with the IS requirements established by CEQA and its Guidelines. EnviroSolve conducted a site visit, took photographs and conducted extensive research on the site specific and local flora and fauna. Subsequently, EnviroSolve prepared the IS document, including a description of the proposed project, location of the project site, evaluation of the potential environmental impacts, findings from the environmental review, and recommended mitigation measures to be incorporated into the proposed project to lessen or avoid impacts to the environment.

IT Solutions

On-Site Visual Monitoring – Time Lapse Photography, Major Oil Company, Nevada and Oregon

As part of EnviroSolve’s on-going technical support activities for this client, our senior managers and IT support personnel designed and installed dedicated time-lapse cameras to document activities and accomplishments at two large clean-up sites. At one active CERCLA site where an Interim Response Action is being implemented, the camera has been set up at a central location over-looking a large area where various site assessment and remediation tasks are being implemented. The camera is programmed to take still photographs at regular intervals during daylight hours then the images are uploaded onto a password-protected server which can be accessed by authorized personnel who would need to see and track what is actively happening at the site. The photos can be combined to create time-lapse videos that allow a quick review of a large span of time. At the second site, an active bulk fuel terminal, staff set up a remotely controlled video camera. The video feed was used to document what was happening at the site 24/7 without staff having to be on-site at all times, and to demonstrate that specific activities were progressing as planned and required. The photos and videos allow the remotely located clients and regulators to see trends in work, remedial progress, safety issues, and document on-going site compliance, and they helped to improve public relations with the regulatory community.

Avian Data Collection – NRDA Program Compliance, Major Oil Company, Nevada

In an ongoing management support role for a major client, EnviroSolve’s senior managers conceived technological ways to bring efficiency to site operations and improve data quality while lowering operating costs. For example, at a large, inactive mining site undergoing CERCLA mandated clean-up and restoration activities, EnviroSolve’s technical team was tasked with ensuring that monitoring and managing the presence of birds is conducted in compliance with requirements established by the facility’s Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) program. Because the site has open surface water impoundments that contain acidic liquids, birds are actively and aggressively deterred from landing in and around the ponds. To determine the types and numbers of birds present in the vicinity (potentially several hundred types), EnviroSolve developed a custom iPad data acquisition application for use in the field to gather real-time information. Data input, which is defined and constrained by the app, is entered during field inspections and is then immediately uploaded into a database for storage and use. The database tracks several years of bird observations that are used to generate required NRDA reports. Field data collection is audited and managed by EnviroSolve to confirm that it is being conducted in a way that is consistent with the requirements of the program. Not only does the program track the type and number of birds present, but it supports deterrent device operations. The team uses a variety of deterrents including sound amplification systems (including an underwater noise amplification device), wind dancers, flags, Mylar balloons, launched explosive devices, horns, and a radio controlled boat.

Software Design and Support, Major Oil Company, US Wide

EnviroSolve currently provides software support to a major oil company related to project management within its remediation management division. In addition to assisting in the evaluation of software programs, EnviroSolve also provides system training, user support, and internal testing. Specific tasks have included:

  • Evaluation of purchase-to-pay and project management software and assisting with the selection of the final purchase-to-pay system.
  • Currently contracted as project manager of the environmental purchase-to-pay and project management program.
  • Conducting training in a wide range of software and system applications and providing user support to many domestic and international office locations.
  • Conducting beta testing for internal systems.

Information Management: CERCLA NPL Site, Major Oil Company, Fresno County, California

EnviroSolve developed a relational database management system for previously uncompiled groundwater monitoring data. The database contained over 1,000 records of groundwater monitoring results collected from over 40 groundwater monitoring wells. EnviroSolve conducted an evaluation of these data that resulted in the development of recommendations for reduced long-term monitoring costs and provided the data for an informed evaluation of the ongoing groundwater remediation efforts.

Information Management, Major Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Canoga Park, California

EnviroSolve designed a data management system for operational monitoring and analytical information for multiple groundwater remediation systems including routine import of electronic deliverables from the analytical laboratory and automatic generation of routine performance and summary reports.

Database Management and Design, Environmental Consultant, Redondo Beach, California

EnviroSolve designed and developed a database management program for an environmental consulting client allowing the client to generate accurate groundwater data tables for a large and politically sensitive chlorinated hydrocarbon remediation project in Southern California. The raw data was provided to EnviroSolve in a large database that contained over 105,000 individual data points collected over a 10 year span that were categorized in 51 unique fields and included field and lab data collected from 70 groundwater monitoring wells and 285 other one-time sample points, as well as 45 different analytical methods, 184 different lab parameters (chemicals), 10 different field parameters, QA/QC data, and a vast array of inconsistent naming conventions, abbreviations and synonyms. EnviroSolve developed a robust graphical user interface using Microsoft Access that provided filters allowing the user to enter field data or import analytical data, and then select the type of output needed, including water level reports and analytical data reports.

Legal Support

Site Closure Strategy: Redevelopment of Honeywell Chemical Plant, Rosecrans and Sepulveda Partners, El Segundo, California

EnviroSolve’s staff worked in concert with outside council, a property development team, and the former property owner to develop a strategic approach to achieve site closure and redevelop a 38 acre parcel of land. EnviroSolve developed environmental grading plans that were approved by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) and implemented a monitoring program during grading. During the work, staff identified areas of concern and implemented Interim Remedial Measures (IRMs) based on the presence of volatile organic compounds and metals at the site. A partial site closure for site soils was then successfully negotiated with the LARWQCB based in part on the installation of the vapor barrier system and the completion of IRM to address shallow soil impacts. Installation of the vapor barrier allowed the redevelopment to proceed and the center was opened for business prior to the Christmas season in 2006.

PRP Arbitration: Southern Pacific Transportation Company, San Gabriel Valley, California

EnviroSolve served as the technical lead for a client in a non-binding arbitration associated with the allocation of remedy costs for the Puente Valley Operable Unit of the San Gabriel Valley Superfund Site. Three dimensional visualization and ground water flow models were utilized by EnviroSolve’s senior hydrogeologists to demonstrate that impacts to the client’s site resulted from DNAPL released from an up-gradient facility. As a result of EnviroSolve’s strategy and efforts, the client was able to cash out from the PRP group as a de minimis contributor.

Litigation Support, Expert Witness and Multi-Media Presentation, Major Oil Company, Santa Monica, California

A prominent legal firm retained EnviroSolve to provide litigation support services in a long-running lawsuit over an alleged gasoline leak at a closed service station site. EnviroSolve’s activities included geological review, engineering estimates of the expected petroleum leak, review of hazardous waste disposal methods, and technical evaluation of years of environmental site data. EnviroSolve also developed of a graphical presentation of site contamination characteristics based on that data. Subsequently, EnviroSolve prepared a prepared a multimedia video presentation that was used during the settlement conference. The lawsuit was favorably settled just prior to trial.

Expert Witness: Dial Corporation, South Gate, California

On behalf of the Dial Corporation, the law firm of Haight, Brown & Bonesteel retained EnviroSolve to provide expert witness services involving a former soap manufacturing facility. The owner/client was forced to resort to litigation to cause an adjacent steel fabrication plant to discontinue the discharge of hazardous waste materials onto the Dial facility. In addition to expert witness testimony, EnviroSolve conducted field work to assess site conditions, provided support data, and acted as client liaison. Dial prevailed in their action for relief from the illegal discharge from the adjacent facility.

PRP Group Lead: Wellfield Investigation and Regional Remedial Planning, Major Oil Company, Santa Monica, California

EnviroSolve served as the lead consultant for a PRP group involved in responding to a joint LARWQCB and USEPA investigation and remediation program. The specific tasks involved developing a conceptual model for the distribution of MTBE in the basin, evaluating, commenting and refining a regional groundwater model, and the development of a conceptual approach for a focused remedial program to address the MTBE sources that contributed to the regional impacts. The project involved extensive negotiations with the EPA, RWQCB, and other PRPs. Based, in part on these efforts, our clients were able to reach a favorable settlement and regional remedial planning is current underway.

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