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Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is simple: Serve our clients. Serve our communities.

We serve our clients by our commitment to these core values:

  • Trust and Respect -- We create trust and respect with each other, our clients and partners.
  • Quality -- The quality of our products and services is foremost.
  • Value -- Our solutions are practical and cost-effective; we control budgets, and deliver value.
  • Communication -- We understand needs and effectively engage our clients so there are no surprises.
  • Health and Safety -- We are trained and committed to health and safety.

We serve our community through donations and the time and effort our employees.


As a company we donate to:

American Red Cross Doctors Without Borders

Back on my Feet Global Water

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Our Team

John Batchelder, Principal Geologist, M.S. Geology, CA Professional Geologist
Mr. Batchelder has over 30 years’ of professional geology expertise in multidisciplinary project management, hydrogeologic assessments, soil and groundwater remediation programs, and providing strategic technical input on more than 600 industrial, retail, and mining sites, including several with RCRA or CERCLA designations. By focusing on pragmatic plan design and by using both innovative and standard characterization techniques, he is able to obtain, analyze, and implement complex geophysical and analytical data surveys that support regulatory project closures. He has represented clients in U.S. EPA Superfund site negotiations acting as liaison when dealing with regional regulatory agencies. He also provides expert advice to clients on soil and groundwater contamination issues involving PRP identification; sources, timing, fate, and transport of contaminants; divisibility cost allocation; and remediation of soil and groundwater. In related work, he has conducted numerous hydrogeologic investigations leading to siting and development of solid waste landfills or hazardous waste facilities in California, Michigan, New York and Utah. This work included extensive exploratory drilling and geophysical studies to determine baseline conditions, assess environmental impacts, and design monitoring and leachate and landfill-gas control systems. Mr. Batchelder has also been retained as an expert witness for landmark and other case litigations. As a contract professional, he has been tasked with managing all of the environmental affairs associated with large petroleum retail facility portfolios as well as portfolios of semiconductor and aerospace fabrication facilities. Mr. Batchelder is a member of the Geological Society of America, the National Groundwater Association, and the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers.

Oksana Conroy, Senior Consultant, B.A. Linguistics & Psychology, B.S. Economics, MBA
Ms. Conroy has over 17 years of experience in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) auditing and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management for the oil and gas industry. Beginning in 2007, she has been responsible for the day-to-day management of BP’s waste site auditing program. In this role, she manages all aspects of project implementation including technical scoping, budgeting, resourcing, planning and client interface. The audit program, which was established to help BP limit and manage the risks associated with using third-party waste management facilities, has been hosted on EnviroSolve’s dedicated online database known as WasteTrak since 2001. Ms. Conroy is responsible for working with the client to identify waste management facilities that need to be audited, conducting on-site and desk-top audits, reviewing and summarizing audit findings provided by CHWMEG, providing audit summaries to the client, and tracking news and alerting BP waste managers of changes in conditions at waste sites and in the waste industry. She has conducted EMS audits at a wide array of facilities including solid and hazardous waste landfills, oil processing and recycling facilities, metal recovery plants, deep well injection sites, cement kilns, and wastewater treatment facilities. She has also presented the program components and accomplishments at BP’s Annual Waste and Remediation Issues Forum. Under Ms. Conroy’s successful direction, the WasteTrak database and BP’s audit program have been expanded each year and now serve several separate business units within BP, track the environmental status of over 300 facilities, and provide the audit documentation to dozens of BP’s contractors. Over the past three years, EnviroSolve has reviewed and summarized hundreds of audit reports and conducted dozens of site specific audits. Previously, Ms. Conroy held HSSE and Corporate Governance positions in BP and TNK-BP in the Ukraine and Russia, one being a Program Manager for HSE Assurance and Compliance Audits of 3rd Party Terminals and Shipping Operations where she both managed the auditing processes and participated in audits as an H&S professional.

Sam Creamer, Director of Development, A.S. Computer Science
Mr. Creamer is EnviroSolve’s Director of Development and Network Supervisor. He has over 15 years of experience in designing and building enterprise level websites using PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and SQL. Mr. Creamer is EnviroSolve’s lead developer, as well as the website and database administrator for EnviroSolve’s online tools WasteTrak, JSABuilder, HASP Online and LOTOBuilder. Mr. Creamer is also EnviroSolve’s network administrator, responsible for the company’s internal network and web and database servers.

May Marcinek, Project Associate and Technical Writer, B.A. Theater
Ms. Marcinek has been providing both technical and marketing support for the company since 2007. She was the chief writer and editor of a bimonthly safety newsletter for 7+ years, produced for the remediation management division of a major oil company. Her responsibilities included interviewing project managers and contractors, analyzing HSE incident and near miss data for trends, and performing site visits to photograph and document active projects. She has also assisted in the development and presentation of videos for site orientation and safety briefings for a large environmental remediation project. Ms. Marcinek has also assisted with conducting ongoing research to identify and track current news events related to waste management facilities monitored by our clients who use WasteTrak. She has assisted in performing research and analysis related to facility audits conducted by EnviroSolve, and assisted in a historical document search at a large mining site to support our client’s need to identify historic site activities and chemical usage. She provided technical assistance on the development and editing of a spill contingency planning technical document (GCRO manual) that was used by a multi-national firm as a guide. Interfacing with software development staff, she played a critical role in developing and producing a series of user manuals for a complex remediation project management software program. Ms. Marcinek also assists in managing and tracking proposal, invoice and other information related to a State-Client settlement agreement for an ongoing Client project. She has also conducted beta testing for several of EnviroSolve’s web-based platforms which required her to methodically and systematically go through each part of the program to test it for functionality and identify any glitches prior to launching for external use.

John Schulz, Principal, B.S. Social Sciences, M.Ed. Environmental Education
With over 30 years’ of experience, Mr. Schulz is a senior level environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) professional and manager. As President of EnviroSolve Corporation, Mr. Schulz is responsible for ensuring services meet client needs and Company performance goals. In his consulting practice, Mr. Schulz assists clients in managing their EH&S risk and meeting EH&S requirements. Having worked in industry and as a consultant, Mr. Schulz is extremely knowledgeable about EH&S regulatory requirements, accepted practices, and organizational dynamics. His experience includes: assisting a major oil company manage its EH&S function for offices in the LA Basin, operating as principle-in-charge delivering the Company’s WasteTrak Services, and is assisting a major company meet obligations of a Consent Decree and a Settlement Agreement. As an environmental auditor, Mr. Schulz has conducted hundreds of environmental and compliance audits or assessments of sites that handle or have been contaminated by hazardous waste. Prior joining EnviroSolve, Mr. Schulz held a variety of positions in his 20 year career with a major oil company (ARCO), including assignments as an EH&S risk manager, manager of the EH&S function at a 1,200-person research lab, and staff consultant involved in EH&S liability management, auditing, permitting, and compliance. Mr. Schulz also led a procurement initiative to consolidate environmental consulting, laboratory, and waste management services. Mr. Schulz has also directed or assisted in the development of EnviroSolve's web-based applications (WasteTrak, JSABuilder, HASP Online, LOTOBuilder and VaporTrac).

G. Cleve Solomon, Principal Geologist/Geochemist, B.A. Geology, M.Sc. Geochemistry & Mineralogy, Ph.D. Geology, CA Professional Geologist
Dr. Solomon has 30 years of professional experience in environmental consulting, teaching and mineral exploration. He has performed geologic, mineralogical, geochemical and hydrogeologic studies in academia and as an environmental consultant to government and industry, and has taught undergraduate and graduate coursework in Geology. His environmental project background includes managing technical aspects, budgeting and planning for all phases of site investigations, feasibility studies, corrective action planning and groundwater monitoring programs at hundreds of petroleum hydrocarbon, many chlorinated solvent sites and a large acid sludge site. His has valuable experience conducting groundwater modeling of contaminant transport, building conceptual site models and characterized groundwater systems utilizing isotopic studies, bio-attenuation parameters and vertical profiling of contaminants. He has most recently participated as a team-member of a forensic effort to use isotopic and other aqueous chemical signatures to develop a multi-component mixing model for groundwater beneath a large porphyry Copper Mine in the Southwest United States. Dr. Solomon has also been very successful with building defensible forensic programs, including technical support for litigation. Dr. Solomon has a track record of successful advocacy and liaison between clients and state/local regulatory agencies, and has over his career, negotiated numerous site closures with State and local regulatory agencies, and in doing so has earned the trust of clients and agency personnel alike. He served on the Solo/Small Firm Network Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Environmental Law Section during 2014-2015.

Ashlee Spear, Project Associate, B.S. Journalism
Ms. Spear is an environmental professional with seven years of experience in the environmental consulting and remediation industry. As an Environmental Health and Safety Associate, Ms. Spear supports EnviroSolve’s Senior HSE Consultant and IT Manager, primarily focusing on the company’s WasteTrak, JSABuilder, LOTOBuilder and HASP Online programs. Duties include assisting in administration of the WasteTrak database and monitoring news articles relevant to the waste sites in the database, as well as providing user support and marketing services for the JSABuilder, LOTOBuilder and HASP Online programs. WasteTrak is an online service for storage of clients’ waste site audit information. JSABuilder, LOTOBuilder and HASP Online are services for creating, storing and managing job safety analyses (JSAs), lockout / tagout (LOTO) documents, and site specific Health and Safety Plans, respectively. She is also skilled in producing numerous types of environmental reports and data tables for former and current gasoline stations, pipelines and refineries.

Bryan Tallant, Senior Hydrogeologist, B.S. Geology, M.S. Geology (Geochemistry)
Mr. Tallant is an experienced hydrogeologist and geochemist. With over twelve years’ experience in the petroleum industry, Mr. Tallant’s specific technical experience includes: visualizations using GIS, and 3-D modeling; database design, implementation and programming; environmental evaluation and development of Site Conceptual Models for petroleum-impacted sites; and hydrologic modeling using a variety of methods and programs. Mr. Tallant has provided on-going, in-house technical support to a major oil company’s remediation and engineering technology group. This group is responsible for ensuring that technology used on impacted sites is optimized in light of underlying geologic and geo-hydrologic conditions as well as applicable environmental clean-up guidelines and regulations. He has provided technical advice to case managers in the group relative to site conditions, researched historic and potential sources of on- and off-site contamination, participated in projects to optimize the use and performance of various remediation systems, prepared technical seminars for internal and external groups, contributed to technology development projects, and participated in advocacy with regulatory agencies. Mr. Tallant is co-inventor of our ThermalSnake® temperature monitors and has performed research on temperature monitoring of biodegradation for over nine years. Mr. Tallant is a member of the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences and the National Groundwater Association.

David White, Principal Hydrogeologist, B.S. Geology, M.S. Geology, CA Professional Geologist
Mr. White is a Professional geologist with more than 30 years’ of professional experience with hydrogeologic investigations, well design, site assessment, data interpretation, resource allocation, scheduling and associated technical and non-technical work for projects. He also serves as liaison between his clients and the regulatory agencies involved in various projects throughout southern California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. While working for a major oil company, Mr. White developed a computer based remediation system for data gathering and data evaluation that reduced remediation system data collection costs and increased efficiencies for staff resources. He has been instrumental in developing a multi-user computerized environmental project management system for tracking site-specific budgets, schedules and regulatory information. Mr. White’s expertise includes management of field investigations and groundwater monitoring programs, well design, and aquifer testing, remedial investigations and feasibility studies; soil gas studies; soil and groundwater remediation; regulatory compliance. His professional work has also involved tracking, managing, forecasting and analyzing financial information by developing and employing computer based systems for his clients. Mr. White is currently working with clients to develop Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices that deliver sensor data specific to our clients’ needs. These applications include both EnviroSolve’s ThermalSnake® temperature monitoring probes and the VaporTrac system, designed to monitor vacuum, temperature and operation of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation (VIM) and Radon Mitigation (RM) systems.

Katherine Winsor, Senior Consultant, B.A. Environmental Studies
Ms. Winsor is an experienced environmental, health and safety (EH&S) professional with over 30 years’ of experience. Ms. Winsor is experienced in regulatory and environmental auditing, permitting, hazardous materials and waste management, and contingency planning. In addition, she has managed dozens of Phase I and II environmental assessments, remediation projects, and has successfully gained regulatory closure for a number of impacted sites. Ms. Winsor has provided EH&S consulting for the petroleum, metal plating and aerospace industries. She has evaluated and written CUPA certification documents for hazardous waste treatment facilities in California. As a registered environmental assessor in California, she conducted numerous EH&S audits throughout the State. Recently she was part of a large multi-disciplinary auditing team that conducted environmental audits at dozens of distribution and return centers for one of the world’s largest retailers. Ms. Winsor routinely advises customers on the efficacy of their hazard assessment and control procedures. Ms. Winsor is an experienced technical consultant with excellent technical, regulatory, supervisory, and communication skills. She has a proven record of building strong business relationships, delivering exceptional service, and providing sound regulatory compliance advice.

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