Who We Are

EnviroSolve Corporation, founded in 1994, is an accomplished environmental, health and safety (EH&S), and groundwater resources consulting firm. Our company consists of senior technical experts and EH&S managers with broad expertise and advanced degrees (MS, MBA, PhD), professional certifications, and, with several of our staff having more than 25 years’ experience, a wealth of knowledge. Specifically, our staff has expertise in geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental sciences, safety, information technology, and EH&S management. Our staff has managed multi-million dollar projects and large portfolios of contaminated sites. We have provided consulting support in the areas of forensic geochemistry, remediation system evaluation and trouble-shooting, in-situ temperature monitoring of vadose zones and groundwater, vapor intrusion and radon gas monitoring, and waste management auditing and compliance. We have the in-house expertise to evaluate and manage large datasets and design database management systems. We have been involved in clearing properties for acquisition/divestitures worth millions of dollars. Our staff has also provided expert witness testimony and technical review in support of legal opinions.

Although our staff has varied backgrounds, we share a common approach to clients. Understanding our clients’ needs is foremost including project expectations, priorities, budgets, timeframes and milestones. With the expectations defined, the team will pursue a creative, strategic and cost-effective solution for each project.

What We Do

Our Clients

Since 1994, we have been serving these business sectors:

  • Petroleum Industry
  • Real Estate Development
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Safety Profession
  • Legal Profession

Our success in these business sectors is measured and acknowledged by the quality of our clients and our long relationships with them. Our clients are almost exclusively Fortune 200 companies, including: BP (and ARCO), Tesoro, Boeing, Baker Hughes, Wells Fargo, and Alcoa. With many of these clients, we have built long-term relationships: BP(and ARCO) - 17 years, Boeing - 13 years, Baker Hughes - 5 years, and Alcoa -14 years. In addition, several of our senior staff members have been EH&S managers within large multi-national oil and gas companies.

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